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N.I.F G-76782267


Welcome to Refugio de Animales horse holidays Tenerife animal rescue, we are proud to say we are a very new animal charity here on the island of Tenerife
We are building a self funded horse and animal rescue, specialising in rescuing and rehabilitating horses with a relaxed way.  Creating a natural and safe environment for Barefoot horses and ponies retrained bitless and with positive reinforcement methods. 
We don’t stop with horses, on our small private farm in the quiet area of Tenerife we have a huge array of animals all rescued from the island. From guinea pigs to goats to dogs to horses…… please have a look on our page Meet the animals if you would like to sponsor an animal.
Our Island is very popular and a hotspot for tourists all year round, we understand why… its beautiful, has amazing weather all year round but sadly behind the scenes the animal welfare is far from good. If you look closely you will find kittens in the bin, puppies tied to fences, horses in garages. Look even closer you will see pregnant cats with diseases that can be fixed with simple vaccines, dogs with death causing parasites and horses riding at the age of 1 with rusty bits in their mouths and old saddles on there bleeding withers.
Of course this is not everywhere, and there are a great team of animal welfare enthusiasts trying to break the mould, help and educate and we are trying our very hardest to join them. But we can’t do it without your help…
Follow us on here or facebook to see the latest progress on our construction news. We are in the process of building a Mongolian yurt and a cave house on site to rent out for holiday makers to enjoy the beautiful weather and amazing scenery but with every penny going to rescuing the animals. 100% non profit. We can not rely on donations alone so we hope this will be the answer we are looking for…..

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