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Welcome to Refugio de Animales horse holidays Tenerife animal rescue, we are proud to say we are a very new animal charity here on this lovely island.
We aim to create a self funded horse and animal rescue on a small private finca in Arico, near La jaca. We specialise in rescuing horses and farm animals (but that doesn’t stop us having over 20 cats and 10 dogs) We rescue horses from the island and rehabilitate them and give them a loving home for the remainder of there life, however long or short. The younger, healthier horses we retrain and offer for shares. We ask for donations towards there food in exchange for having you “own” horse to ride around the glorious coast of Arico on, these keeps them fed, happy, healthy and excercised, allowing you to have a great time, meet new friends and fall in love with horse riding (if not already) all while helping a good cause. All of our horses are retrained with natural ways, bitless and barefoot only doing what they enjoy and require for there fitness and age. We have horses suitable for all experiences.
This alone will not pay for the huge vet and feed bills, so we are building a cave house and mongolian yurt to offer holidays on site with views over the horses, animal paddocks and to the sea. Have a holiday in paradise with every penny going to rescue more animals.
During the days we open as a mini petting farm, to see our huge array of animals from pigs, guinea pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, tortoises and much more in exchange for bringing a bag of food or donations.
This is a huge project, and we are very far away from being self funded but with the great help of donations, fundraisers we are on the right track. But for now we rely on a generous loan and donations. So if you can please share our page, help us find donators and sponsors.
Thank you for your support, please follow our story and if you want to donate via paypal horseholidaystenerife@gmail.com
Emma on 672350505 or Edo on 617097873

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